8 of the Most Satisfied Weight Loss Questions

Healthy and lasting weight loss does not happen for day two. It takes months and sometimes years. Here that we stop reading and hearing about instant diets that make miracles. Are not you confused? Here are the most frequently asked questions, whose answers will bring some order and knowledge in your head about the process and effectiveness of your weight loss.

1. Does the card give you the best results?

With cardio you throw away excess water, it helps burning calories and fat, but only with cardio will not shape the body. There are also exercises that force the muscles.

2. Do the diets really work?

Yes, most work, but in the long run, because they are based on limited calorie intake. The moment you return to your old eating habits after deprivation, you will face the yo-yo effect.

3. Does sex burn calories and help to lose weight?

Like any movement, it burns calories but in a very small amount. Keep in mind that it is not particularly time-consuming, so do not make big hopes.

4. How to lose weight when you have very little time?

You will not lose weight in 24 hours, but if you change your lifestyle sharply, the results will accelerate. To do this, you need to start high-intensity interval workouts that have proven to burn hundreds of calories per session and also focus on protein.

5. Does drinking water help to lose weight?

For starters, it helps to eliminate excess water and toxins by acting directly on the excretory system. Another plus is that water temporarily suppresses your hunger and helps you to control your appetite and not overeat. Drinking water is very useful, in the long run it can reduce the intake of calories a little but will not lead to weight loss.

6. When will you start to lose weight?

It’s easier to lose weight if you exercise regularly and have the diet you are following. The longer you manage to stick to it, the more your body will become accustomed and will not accept it as a constraint or diet, but as a way of life. Your body and appetite will adjust to a healthier wave and you will not return the lost weight at the beginning of the regime.

7. Will you lose weight more if you avoid carbohydrates in the evening?

The golden rule for effective weight loss is to avoid carbohydrates. But not all carbohydrates are bad. A recent study shows that people who excluded carbohydrates after 19:00 have achieved greater results than those who did not.

8. Lack of enough sleep leads to obesity?

If you have not slept enough, your body will be tired and you will need more calories to keep it in good condition. The hunger hormone will become more active and you will feel a constant sense of hunger that will make you long for unhealthy foods.

If it happens to you once, it’s not fatal. But if this is a way of life and you are not sleeping systematically, you will consume thousands of extra calories per month that will stick to your body in kilograms.