Do you wash your hands the right way?

You probably think you know how to wash your hands, since you’ve been doing it for many years. After a large-scale national survey, 97% of Americans apply this hygiene habit incorrectly, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture.

The study reveals that people massively make two mistakes that are related to hand washing: do not clean them long enough and wipe them in dirty towels. On this occasion, the Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention gave precise instructions on how to sanitize the hands:

– Wash your hands with clean water;

– Roll your hands together to create friction to help remove dirt. Clean the space between the fingers and also under the nails, where bacteria like e-cars are often found.

– Keep your hands under the water jet for at least 20 seconds;

– Remove the soap with clean water;

– Dry with a clean and dry towel that has been used no more than 3 times.

Another problem is the frequency of hand washing. Many people get hygiene either too often or too often.

Here are the situations where you should wash your hands:

– Before and after you had food;

– Before breakfast / lunch / dinner;

– Before and after meeting someone who is sick;

– Before and after bandaging open wounds;

– After sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose;

– Before and after going to a toilet;

– If you have changed or changed a diaper;

– When you played with some animal;

“After you’ve trapped garbage;

– After touching any sticky, dirty or greasy consistency.