Massage with volcanic stones – warm relaxation

At the end of the working week, a person needs a little relaxation. Besides staying away from the office telephone and e-mail, he has to find what he can get rid of the accumulated tensions.

Going to the gym, swimming, taking a hot bath, listening to good music, walk with your loved ones are part of the most popular things that you can relax. And why not with a great massage?

Hot stone therapy is used for prophylaxis and recovery after fatigue since antiquity. Also called geometralen massage is the perfect tool to relax the muscles, improve flexibility of joints and remove the accumulated negative energy.

The combination of manual massage and pre-warmed stones improves blood circulation in the body and raises the mood. On the other hand, the oils, relaxing music and aromas in the spa have an emotional and energy effect.

Most often, the stones used in this type of massage are basaltic. There is iron in them, which allows the heat to last longer. They are first heated to nearly 60 degrees. Depending on the preferences of people in need of relaxation, maybe less. It is possible to specify in advance which part of the back is most vulnerable to fit the most stressed muscles.

Massage with volcanic stones is not just for the back but for the whole body. In addition to pain in different places, it is recommended in people who have a severe headache, suffer from a luteal syndrome or work under pressure. It is contraindicated only in pregnant women, people with heart problems and diabetics.