Morning habits with which you will hardly lose weight

In the morning, he determines to a great extent how our day will be. Delaying, eating in haste or on the go, drinking coffee. These are a small part of what every second person does.

Did you know that some morning habits determine how we will have lunch and dinner? Whether the body has consumed all the calories or left a small part of it.

See what your morning habits can prevent you from losing weight:

1. Insufficient breakfast

Breakfast is very important. But you do not have to eat what’s in the fridge or on the table, but to prepare something special for your needs. It is wrong to eat smaller quantities early in the morning, for example 2-3 biscuits left in the package.

Scientists from Tel Aviv University prove that a solid breakfast, midday lunch and light dinner are the most effective combination for people who want to keep the same weight. Otherwise, the inadequate meal for the beginning of the day predisposes a person to overeat later. And metabolism slows down every hour.

2. Read news, “scrolling” on the mobile morning

The irritation caused by the scrolling of the morning news – be it on Facebook or different sites – may have a negative impact on your health. It will do you a bad thing if you suffer from a chronic lack of sleep. It is believed that long-term stress causes the stem cells to become fatty. The reason is that it activates the so-called calorie-saving mechanism. Instead of taking time for a variety of picanteria, take a nap, have some coffee and have a good breakfast. Also do not reschedule the alarm, because that’s how you start the day with tension.

3. Do not practice

Morning workouts help increase your metabolic rate and reduce appetite. An experiment of a team of scientists led by Dr. Emma Stevenson shows that people who are accustomed to doing exercise before breakfast eat less food throughout the day. This is most likely due to the “awakening” effect of activities such as abdominal presses, squats, and the like. If they have not eaten anything, some people try to relieve stress by taking something baked to work, which is not useful. The study also proves that exercises are 20% more effective if they are fasting.

4. Have delicious dinner items

If you can not stand on cakes, pastas, pizzas, or any other high-calorie food, you better eat it at breakfast or lunch without remorse than tread with it for dinner. So if you are moving to the end of the day or doing sports, you will be able to burn a portion of the calories, otherwise you will be lying on a full stomach and you will fill more.

5. Walk the dog in a hurry

Those of you who have a pet dog are sure to love walking around the weekend. But on working days is different. Sometimes it’s so sleepy that you only want to get out and do the job, then get home. If you still get up and go out for a walk, do not hurry to come back. Run along with the dog or walk.

6. Do not drink enough water

An adult’s body consists of 55 to 60% water, so drinking a glass of water after waking should not be missed. At night the body dehydrates and with the sunrise it needs more fluids. Water accelerates metabolism, which reduces the risk of fat accumulation. It also helps the body get rid of toxins. You can drink both hot and cold water on fasting. Not only will you refresh, but also reduce some of the fat you eat.