Say NO to chewing gum

How often do you chew gum? Better opt out of this habit, as scientists say chewing can make you more stress-sensitive and cause you some health problems.

Problem with the jaw

Excessive chewing gum burden cartilage and surrounding joints in the jaw, leading to its wear.

The chews are full of unhealthy sweeteners

Most of them write “no sugar” and just think about what makes their sweet taste then. In many chews, aspartame is associated with brain tumors, cancer, and birth defects.

Causes headaches

According to health experts chewing gum involves eight facial muscles whose overuse leads to headaches.

Use unhealthy ingredients

The fact that you do not swallow gum does not mean that its composition is safe for you. Experts say chewing saliva gets into the blood faster and at a higher concentration than any other food ingredient. This can lead to digestive problems and stomach pains.

Causes bad breath

If you think the chews refresh your breath, you are in great delusion. According to health experts, they only worsen the situation. Bad breath is associated with digestive problems or inflammation of teeth / wreaths. Chewing chewing gum can not cure these problems, it can only deepen them.